2021 Arccos Highlight Reel

While 2021 isn’t officially wrapped up with a bow on it just yet, we thought it would be fun and festive to reflect on all of the wonderful things in the world of Arccos that happened this year. We have gathered all of our most viewed/shared/impactful blogs from 2021 for you in this collection. 

Top Product Announcements:

1: Apple Watch for Arccos (July 27)
Our long awaited release of the Arccos Apple Watch App lets iOS users run their Arccos rounds directly from their wrist. 

2: Black Edition Link (June 3)
Golf’s hottest wearable went ‘incognito’ this Father’s Day for a stealthier look.

3: New Smart Club Distances (September 28)
Our most comprehensive app update of 2021 included an overhauled distance algorithm. Including simulated distances to help players understand the impact of environmental factors and their corresponding distances for every club in their bag.

4: Special Inclusion: Shenanigans Mode (April 1)
Golf is supposed to be fun, right? Well this April Fool’s we had a fun look at the silly side of golf and the stats that would be fun (or funny) to track against your performance on a golf course. 

Top Educational Posts:

1: Warm-up for your round (July 7)
Are you one of those golfers that shows up an hour before your round or running from the parking lot? Arccos Ambassadors share their insights on how your warm-up might be affecting your performance.

2: Dialing in your wedges (February 4)
Learn how Smart Club Distances and Strokes Gained Analytics help Arccos Ambassadors Trillium Rose and Ryan Crysler determine if students need to rethink their bag composition–and how changing your wedge setup can impact your performance on the course.

3: Using Arccos to Prepare for Tournament Play (Oct 6)
Us mere mortals might not be preparing to play in The Masters, but we might still stand a chance to win the club championship. Arccos has features that help you prepare for important rounds whether you are trying to win a trophy or hustle some friends with your new skills.

Top Media Features 

1: The Business of Sports - Bloomberg (November 4)
Bloomberg investigates the boom of golf and how to help harness this growth beyond being a pandemic pastime. Highlighting TopGolf and Arccos as golf technology companies that are helping golfers of all levels connect on a deeper level with the sport. 

2: MyGolfSpy Distance Report (April 15)
Is age or skill level going to have more of an impact on your distances? My Golf Spy investigates Arccos data from 2020 to deep dive into how age and skill level impact distances off the tee. The results might surprise you!

3: Manufacturers value Player Data to help them improve their equipment game (March 18)
Amateur player data isn’t just important to the players looking to improve their performance, it’s also helpful to manufacturers trying to design and build equipment for those amateurs. Forbes highlights how club manufacturers partnered with Arccos are leveraging player data using their equipment to improve their own performance in the hardware game.