Product Updates: Tracking Golf Ball and Casual or Competitive Rounds

Golf Ball Make & Model + Tournament vs. Casual Round Highlight Latest Arccos Caddie Updates

If you had to take a guess about which came first, the chicken or the egg...which would you choose? At Arccos, first comes data, and then comes the valuable insights. With our most recent product update we have revamped the ‘Start Round’ experience and given players the ability to track a few new important aspects about their rounds. By starting to gather this new information, we can track and later develop ways to make this data insightful to each player and their performance. Arccos Caddie Members will also have an updated course search experience that is faster and easier to use.

With the latest Arccos Caddie app update (members can download the update from their respective app stores), Arccos players will be able to access a new “Start Round” experience that will begin collecting their information on ball make / model as well as whether the round is casual or tournament.


Here are all the deets…

Ball Make/Model

Hang around the game of golf long enough and you’ll hear many club fitters refer to it as the “15th club.” When it comes to on-course performance, the golf ball can have as big an impact on scoring as almost any club in the bag. While a lot of golfers pick up any ol’ ball and play with it, it's not the best way to truly understand how your ‘15th club’ is working in your setup. So if best practices prevail, this tool could be super insightful for those players looking to edge up their game. 

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When players are starting their round in Arccos, post-warm-up and as they are approaching the first tee they’ll be able to fully experience the new start round screen. Just select the ball type you’re playing for the round from the drop-down menu in the “Ball Used” setting before you start your loop.

While right now this feature is collecting the ball data, the Arccos team is looking at how to display this information in a meaningful way to it’s members. Our hope is to help members understand the impact of their ball selection and what it means for their performance. Maybe you’ll want to compare how playing a low-compression, two-piece ball from one manufacturer stacks up to playing a higher-compression, three, four or five-piece ball from another manufacturer. 

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Or perhaps you want to pit one Tour-caliber ball from a leading brand against a similar model from another leading brand. Or even find out more about the effect that certain golf balls have on your shot distance and dispersion due to different weather conditions? Players like you typically use these brands of golf balls and improve their distance etc. 

There could be so many additional game analysis possibilities available to Arccos players with the new “Ball Used” setting, not to mention all the new data points that will be available to our team of data scientists to help players make smarter decisions on-course. 

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Tracking Golf Ball Make/Model During Round

Tournament vs. Casual Rounds

And dialing in your golf ball isn’t the only new addition to the “Start Round” feature set that will help our Arccos players with rapid game improvement. 

In “Round Settings,” the “Round Type” can now be set to “Casual” or “Tournament.” When “Tournament” is selected, the Arccos Caddie app automatically turns on tournament mode for United States Golf Association (USGA) and Royal and Ancient (R & A) compliance. 

Our hope is that Arccos players will eventually be able to use how they perform in tournament rounds versus casual rounds to better understand how it impacts their games. And not just their overall scores, but variances in distance and dispersion across all their clubs when executing shots with an elevated heart rate. Players will likely get a better understanding of whether the pressure turns them into diamonds, or if they crumble during sanctioned rounds. 

This level of data is key for the thousands of Arccos users who play competitively in both amateur and professional events and tournaments. But recreational golfers can also tap into the different modes to simulate how they’d perform in a competitive situation. Game improvement leads to lower scores, which can, in turn, encourage golfers to enter anything from their golf league or club championship to tournaments hosted by their state golf association. 

Enhanced Course Search

To provide a more seamless user experience and expedite finding courses in the Arccos database of more than 40,000 venues, the enhanced “Search Courses” (located at the top of the “Start Round” screen) will now deliver results for partial searches and misspellings. 

Simply put, it will offer more of a “Google-like” search experience that Arccos players will appreciate. And there are other subtle improvements to the user interface that will make finding your course and getting your round underway even easier. In the search interface, now players can see nearby courses, courses they have ‘favorited’, as well as recently played courses, and which courses have been downloaded to their device. 

Enhanced Golf Course Search Arccos

So what are you waiting for? Download the latest edition of Arccos Caddie from the Apple App Store or Google Play and check out these new features today.