What Is Arccos And How It's Data Can Help You!

Curious about what Arccos is or want to understand the value that Arccos can bring to your game? What’s better than to have a real-life example to give you an idea of how Arccos works.

Dive into the insights and data of Arccos with Ian Fraser, the founder of TXG and GM of Club Champion Canada, alongside his co-host Mike Martysiewicz. In their new YouTube series, they discuss what Arccos is and how it can benefit one’s game with Arccos' lead data analyst, Lou Stagner. Together, they delve deep into Ian's golf game, dissecting the wealth of data that Arccos provides. Tune in as they explore the data, uncovering some neat insights and how Arccos has been an instrumental tool in Ian's journey toward improving his golf game.

Don't miss out on this new series, to help show you what you can learn about your game using Arccos.