Arccos Member Spotlight: Mario Guerra

Did you ever think that you would love golf so much? Now you find yourself with a dedicated tee time every weekend, scouring golf websites for the latest clubs and gear, and dedicating your free time to enjoying both entertaining and instructional golf videos.

Mario Guerra, an Arccos Member and PGA professional, had never anticipated his journey to becoming the head pro at New York's prestigious Quaker Ridge Country Club, ranked in the top 5 by Golf Digest. Growing up in Cuba and only encountering golf upon moving to the United States, he hadn't even touched a club until college. If you had told college-era Mario that he would earn the title of being one of Golf Digest's Best Young Teachers and becoming the head pro at such a renowned club, he might have found you foolish in the idea of it!

However, fate took an interesting turn when he picked up a Tiger Woods video game and experienced the satisfaction of hitting his first good shot with a real golf club. That was one of the pivotal moments that ignited his passion.

From there, one thing led to another, and Mario committed himself to golf. Remarkably, he secured a spot on his college golf team at Valdosta State in Georgia just a year after taking up the sport. Along this path, he made enduring friendships and connected with colleagues who played a significant role in shaping his journey, influencing how he now imparts the game to countless others.

Explore Mario Guerra's story in the Arccos Member Spotlight and gain deeper insights into his narrative and his efforts to foster the growth of golf.