Arccos Integrates with the USGA®

Arccos Integrates with the USGA®, Allowing Members to Post Scores and View Their Handicap Index® Directly from the Arccos Caddie App

USGA & Arccos Integrate for Official Handicap Indexing

Arccos was designed to seamlessly help golfers of all skill levels track their performance on the golf course. Given this, we’re thrilled to announce an upcoming integration with the United States Golf Association® that allows Arccos members to post scores and view their Handicap Index® directly from the award-winning Arccos Caddie app.

This release will be available in the next few weeks for both Android and iOS and follows recent updates, including Enhanced Putting and Approach Stats, Hotspot Editing and Strokes Gained by Club.

Golf is a sport of honor and relies on players understanding and adhering to the Rules of Golf in order to have a fair competition. Depending on where players live around the world, they are subject to their governing (golf) body for these rules. Thankfully, the main bodies of USGA and the R&A partner to write, interpret and evolve the Rules of Golf and the Rules of Handicapping as one of their core functions.

Over the years handicap formulas have been updated to better interpret the skill levels of golfers. This includes taking into consideration more than just scores of players, but course ratings, seasonality and more.

Importance of Handicaps

The World Handicap System™(WHS) is unique in that it allows players of all skill levels to compete on a ‘more fair playing field’. Without this system, golfers would only be able to compete heads up with others of the exact same skill level. That would certainly make competitions more difficult to field! It's important that players post their accurate scores to their system of record in order to truly measure their performance (at Arccos, it’s what we live and breathe!). 

What this Integration Means for Arccos Members

The Arccos-USGA integration gets even more out of their Arccos membership. This new experience sees players with a Handicap Index connect their Arccos account to their USGA scoring record and then leverage their on-course data to simplify the process of posting scores. These features are available at no charge for players with an active Handicap Index who are members of an Allied Golf Association (AGA) in the United States and its territories, including Puerto Rico. Those in eligible regions who are not currently AGA members will also be able to locate and join the appropriate AGA via a portal within the Arccos Caddie app.

For players outside of the eligible regions, rest assured we are exploring similar integrations with golf associations around the world!

Integration Experience in the Arccos App: 

The integration experience was carefully designed to follow the look and feel of the USGA’s app to ensure accuracy during the submission process. 

Arccos Members with a connected Handicap Index will be able to submit Total Scores or Hole-by-Hole Scores on rounds of 9 or 18; with detailed information for date played, course, tees etc.

Round data will not automatically be submitted to a player’s USGA account. The member will need to ensure all holes are properly marked/scored with any necessary edits for accuracy, then follow prompts to go quickly and easily submit their final scores to the USGA.

Players will also be able to see which scores were indeed submitted in their activity tab, with a USGA icon under each submitted round.