A Post-Season Bag Fitting Might Be What Your Golf Game Needs

Post-Season Golf Club Fitting Club Champion

With golf season winding down for the Northern Hemisphere, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is time to put away your sticks. That is, unless you’re considering using this season's progress as a reason to go get new clubs. While many players like to get fit early in the calendar year when all the new shiny equipment comes out—you might want to consider getting your bag fitting now…

You have a full season of golf recently completed. Winter nostalgia hasn’t fully set in, blurring your memory of your season’s performance. What is even better, is that you have your brutally-honest Arccos data to make the most out of a fitting for new gear. 

We asked Club Champion founder, Nick Sherburne, a few questions about how you can help your golf game by combining the fitting process with the Arccos sensors. While Club Champion is only located in the US, there are still some valuable insights for players to discuss with their fitters. (Thanks for your insights, Nick!)

How is having your Arccos on-course data helpful during the fitting process?

“If someone is coming in for a fitting for the first time and they already have Arccos sensors, you’re giving your fitter an even more comprehensive look at your game. We’ll have actual numbers and data to work with from the courses you’ve played to put into perspective how you’re hitting the ball,” Nick explains. “We can see that your 3-wood needs particular attention, or we can see that you’re three-putting nearly every hole. Arccos provides tangible evidence of improvement and a record for their fitter to check in on the next time they need to get tuned up. It’s like having a personal trainer with you all the time and they let your doctor know how your physical health is before you go in for a checkup. They just make tracking equipment and game performance easier.”

Club Champion Founder Arccos Data

What data in Arccos helps fitters the most?

“I truly believe all the metrics Arccos provides are helpful for fitters. Distances, mis-hits, and individual club performances are all tracked. Arccos even averages everything out to provide an accurate handicap across facets! All these numbers are extremely valuable from a fitter’s perspective because we have all the numbers laid out in front of us so we can make recommendations that are even more custom to your needs, which makes fitting sessions that much more efficient and effective.”

Are there any ‘flags’ or indicators in your data that suggests you might need a bag tune-up?

“The moment you see your shots start to fall short or you’re missing fairways that you made in the past, it’s time to come get looked at. Don’t jump to conclusions after a single bad round but be honest with yourself if you see bad patterns forming. Again, when you have the data that Arccos provides, we can track this journey the entire way and we can pinpoint exactly when something started to underperform.”

Why is buying now a good time of year?

“For most golfers, this is a perfect opportunity to have the industry’s best club fitters get their clubs tuned up for next season. And in places like the midwest, it’s an excuse to work on your game in the off-season when outdoor practice isn’t an option. There are also seasonal promotions coming that should definitely be capitalized on— holiday deals, etc. Unless you’re a brand person that only buys clubs based on the name, you can be fit into the best equipment that works for you at any time of year.”

With the holiday season fast approaching, get yourself or your favorite golfer the club fitter’s preferred data tracking system. Arccos can help golfers improve their game even further when in a Club Champion fitting bay. When considering your holiday wish list this year, US-based golfers should consider booking a bag fitting at Club Champion with your Arccos data in-hand. If you use the promo code: ARCCOS50, you can get 50% off a fitting at Club Champion with a purchase of $500.* 

*Terms: USA only. Use the promo code provided to get 50% off your Club Champion club fitting with a club purchase of $500 or more. Offer valid for fittings booked and completed by January 31, 2023. Club purchase must be made the same day as the club fitting for discount to apply. Not valid on prior fittings. Not valid in conjunction with any other offer. Club Champion reserves the right to remove or modify this promotion at any time. Appointments are limited.