Know How Far You Actually Hit Each Club So You Select The Right One Every Time.

Smart Distance is the estimation of an Arccos player’s expected distance on a well-struck shot. Based on historical data, it automatically excludes mishits and abnormally long shots to provide the most accurate account of true club distances. Now players can go beyond guesswork and pick clubs based on their averages to start lowering their score.

Smart Range is Arccos’ estimation of a player’s expected range on well-struck shots. A narrower range is indicative of more consistent shot performance.

How club selection might change your game:

- Brett W, Arccos Caddie Member
“It gives me a "realistic" idea of how far I'm really hitting my clubs, and with every round, the data just keeps getting dialed in more and more. Totally changed my golf game, Can't recommend them enough!!”
- Johnny I, Arccos Caddie Member
“It’s revolutionary. It has dropped me from 14 to 4 in 18 months and I know exactly which shot to hit wherever I’m playing.”
- Charles C, Arccos Caddie Member
“Arccos Caddie is like having someone from the tour keep stats for you. Whether you want information to help you improve your game faster or you want advice on what club to play in a certain situation based on previous performance rather than "feel" or guessing, Arccos will help your golf game.”


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