Trillium Rose Provides Drills You Can Work On Indoors

Working from home? Have some extra time?  Let’s work on your game to get you ready for the upcoming season. Arccos Ambassador and Golf Digest Top 50 instructor, Trillium Rose of Woodmont Country Club has a number of quick drills to keep your game sharp.


Set up Drill

While you may think you’re all set, always a good reminder to check your set up.


Step 1: Start by standing up straight with your club in hand.

Step 2: Bring your hands to waist level while the clubhead is level with your eyes. Be sure to check the leading edge of the club to make sure it is straight, up and down.

Step 3: From here, tilt your upper body forward and let the clubhead come to rest on the ground.

This should be the ideal position you would address the golf ball from!

    Path Drill

    Grab a club and some alignment rods.  Great drill as a basic shot.  Be sure to keep your swing small and your weight favoring the lead leg (60/40).


    Step 1: Start with two alignment rods on the ground, about 2 clubhead widths wide.

    Step 2: Keeping your arms straight, begin to take short swings (no higher than your waist) back and through this zone. 

    Be mindful to keep your clubhead inside of this zone. This will help with consistent contact on short swings! 


      Flashlight Drill

      Work on the backswing. This drill will help you check where your club is during the swing.


      Step 1: Set up alignment rods on the ground in the shape of a plus sign. (+)

      Step 2: Begin your backswing and stop when your lead arm is parallel to the ground.

      Step 3: From here, imagine a straight line coming out the end of your club, and be sure it is pointed in the top right quadrant.

      This will set you up for a nice, neutral top of the backswing!


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