Three Tips for Getting Started with Arccos Caddie Link

3 tips for getting started with your Arccos Caddie Link

Picture this: it’s been a long week, and you just want to get out to the golf course, unwind and unplug for a few hours away from the barrage of emails and text messages. 

However, as a dedicated member of “Team Arccos,” you’d still like to record all your shots and stats with Arccos Caddie.  

With the July launch of Arccos Caddie Link (MSRP $99), this scenario is completely plausible. “Link” is a light-weight wearable offering Arccos players unprecedented freedom while enjoying as much, or as little, of the Arccos Caddie App as they’d like. Link works in conjunction with Arccos smart sensors or smart grips that must be purchased separately.

Here are three tips for wearing, activating and enjoying Arccos’ latest innovation.


Pair it and Wear it (on or near your waist)

Belt, no belt or sansabelt, that’s exactly where Link was designed to be worn. Weighing less than 25 grams and measuring just over two inches long and three-quarters of an inch wide, it fits snuggly on most belts, waistbands or pockets. 

And for women, it hooks easily on the top of a golf skirt, a game-changer for female Arccos players according to Arccos Ambassador and Golf Digest Top 50 Teacher Trillium Rose.

“I am one of the biggest supporters of Arccos Caddie Link, both for me personally and my students, especially the women,” says Trillium Rose, a Golf Digest Top 50 Teacher in America (2019-2020) and Arccos Ambassador. “When I play, I mainly wear skirts that only have one small pocket and a large iPhone XR doesn’t fit. I think a lot of women golfers are like me and they’re going to love the Link.”

Step 1 - Where to wear Link

Why the waist is key: the microphone in Link needs to “hear” the sensor signal once the ball has been struck, so you can't cover it up or keep it in your pocket. The diminutive device automatically transfers shot and club data to a user’s smartphone via Bluetooth, either during or post-round.

If you have Link clipped to your belt and it isn’t recording shots, try moving it to the front lead pocket. Periodically, due to a player’s swing or body type, Link performs more accurately a bit closer to the action.

Before you clip it, though, be sure and pair it. Prior to starting your round simply press Link, then tap on the “Pair Existing Link Device” button on the screen.  


Set Pin Locations (and power down)

As Arccos players will attest, setting accurate pin locations is vital for generating and tracking accurate putting data. Link makes this easier, and more accurate, than ever. 

Tip 2 - Setting Pins

Stand near the pin (don’t step in anyone’s line) and briefly hold down the power button to mark the location. If you hear a beep, you’ve held it down too long and the power has turned off. If this happens, make sure to press the power button again to turn it on. 

Speaking of power, be sure to turn off Link after charging it. Press the power button until you hear a “beep” and the power light is dark. If you unplug it from the USB cord and put it in the pouch or your bag, it will search for clubs to pair and eventually drain the battery. 


Music and More (so much more)

Think of all the things you can do now that Link isn’t using your smartphone’s microphone to record shots. Take a phone call (or on second thought …), take a video of your playing partners, have them take a video of you, or watch the week’s PGA Tour event.

If your golf buddies are amenable (or you play with ear buds), you can even enjoy a musical backdrop to your round. What’s more, Arccos team members are compiling Spotify playlists for others to enjoy.



Tip 3 - Listen to Music

Or play golf, pure and simple. Leave your smartphone in your bag and enjoy the round of golf before you. In tandem, Link and the Arccos Caddie App will record every shot. 

For convenient access to the Arccos Caddie App, including the world’s first A.I.-powered GPS Rangefinder and Caddie Advice, keep your smartphone in your golf cart or pushcart for easy access to real-time yardage, shot distance and optimized club selection.

With Link, you have the freedom to choose when, where and how to utilize Arccos for rapid game improvement. 

Ready to join Team Arccos? Check out our full suite of Arccos Products to get on the road to rapid game improvement.