Ted Scott On How To Change Your Golf Swing

Arccos Ambassador and PGA Tour Caddie Ted Scott provides some tips on how to change your swing over time!



How to Change Your Swing Over Time:

Knowing a golf swing should last about 1 second, here are some tips to slow things down in order to change your swing over time!

Step 1: Visualize Your Swing 

Practice your swing motion in front of a mirror to get your body into the positions you want.

Drill 2: Slow It Down

Address a golf ball and when you swing be sure to slow down your timing so your swing lasts 4 seconds. Practice this for a few shots.

Drill 3: Speed It Up

Once you are comfortable with your swing at 4 seconds, try to speed up your swing to make it last 3 seconds. Continue down to 2 seconds and once you are completely confident in it, complete a normal swing!


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