Speed: Golf's Metaskill and How You Can Train It

Written by: Dr. Sasho MacKenzie and Marty Jertson

Swing Stack Improving Driving Distance

The Stack System is a Great Addition to an Arccos Member’s Tool Box

Arccos is best in-class at providing golfers with key insights about their game. If you are one of the thousands of Arccos members held back by your driving and approach play, then The Stack System can help. With the precise insights of Arccos, players can see their Smart Club Distances, Strokes Gained by Club, and recognize miss patterns for their game, helping them narrow down what can help them improve the most. With most players missing short, and longer distances being crucial for lower scores, it's safe to assume that properly increasing swing speed can help many golfers improve drastically. 

TheStack is the best speed training system for golfers. TheStack combines precision hardware with an award-winning app designed to maximize a golfer’s clubhead speed through customized programming. 

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Increase your Clubhead Speed to Shoot Lower Scores

Clubhead speed is the single best predictor of a golfer’s handicap. For most golfers on the planet, an increase in speed will lead to lower scores. Clubhead speed is a skill that impacts both driving and approach play. Golfers with higher swing speeds hit the ball further and are also more likely to launch the ball on its intended trajectory. Golfers with higher clubhead speed can choose to either hit higher lofted clubs from the same approach distance or hit the same club with a lower percentage of maximum effort. Either option will improve their greens hit in regulation and proximity to the hole. Arccos members can analyze their performance across each facet or club to see the impact of these crucial metrics. 

Speed Training Customized to the Individual Golfer

TheStack app will guide you through a baseline test and determine your current driver speed as well your Force-Velocity Profile.  Essentially, it determines how fast you swing things heavier than your driver and lighter than your driver. The app also tests if one of your arms is a limiting factor.

After a few simple in-take questions the A.I. algorithms go to work creating a rank-ordered list of programs to select from. The program at the top of the list will give you the best chance at improving your speed in the shortest amount of time and with the least time commitment. The recommended program contains the best ratio of overload to overspeed swings for you. Thousands of golfers have benefited from this type of customization.  The image below shows how 4 customized Stack programs increased Josh Axler’s driver speed by 21 mph. He went from 112 mph to 133 mph in just 10 months. 

Stack System Individual Plan

Super Organized Personal Trainer that Guides and Tracks all your Workout Details

TheStack App makes it very easy to workout.

Stack System Modes

Stack System App

Swing Stack System App

Swing Stack App

Maximized Motivation

Many golfers stop training because their motivation fades, but that’s not the case with The Stack System. It has several by-design features that will maximize your motivation to train week after week.  First of all, it automatically tracks your swing speed records with each weight. The app displays your current record as you swing and celebrates with you every time you set a personal best (PB). There are dedicated graphics that show PBs for every weight and how they’ve increased over time. For those that are motivated by competition, you can see how your PBs stack-up to other golfers around the world - that are your age and gender - with the Speed Percentile feature. The Stack System also provides a Grit Score, which is a measure of how well you follow the program. Adhere to all the recovery and rest times to keep your Grit at 100%.  If you've never been coached by an A.I.-powered app geared to maximize your motivation, then give The Stack System a try.

While you will be able to see the results of improved swing speeds on your launch monitor, Arccos will be able to help you track your distance improvements over time on the course. You can segment your views by date to see when you started using TheStack System, and exactly how it is translating to your on-course performance (i.e. longer distances, more GIR%, improved Proximity to Pin etc.). 

The graph below shows the increases in driver speed gained during 570 recently completed Stack Programs. Combine these swing speed insights with your Arccos on-course performance data to begin the next chapter of your game improvement.

Swing Stack Improvement Course Completion