Sensing a Solid Golf Season

Single Sensor ReplacementsWith golf season swinging into full gear (in the Northern Hemisphere), most avid golfers have managed to squeeze in a round or two despite the unpredictability of Spring weather. Club Leagues are cracking off, and taking home that coveted win at the end of the season might not be so far fetched!

Keeping your Arccos Caddie ‘tuned-up’ should be a part of your early season routine, to ensure you are set up for success for your upcoming muni-tour. Making sure your Caddie can keep up with your improvements this year, we have come up with a few tips to keep your Arccos Membership ‘above board’.


Sensor Check Up:

To use Arccos you need a sensor on every club in your bag including your putter to get the most out of the Arccos system. The putter sensor is special. If your putter sensor isn’t working you can keep using the system and manually add your putts UNLESS you unpair your putter sensor―then you will have to wait for the arrival of the new putter sensor to start using Arccos again. 

Fun Fact: The putter sensor is special because it is more sensitive to try and capture lighter shots (compared to other clubs), and also helps the system know when it should switch holes (particularly on tight courses with greens close to tee boxes). You can identify a putter sensor because it is all black, with no green plastic on it like the other sensors.

Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors have a two year warranty, but we have seen some last over 5 years. Of course this can depend on a variety of things such as storage conditions and usage. If your set is a couple years old, or you clock in a few hundred rounds a year (there’s more people than you would think that fit this bill 🤯)―you can take the proactive approach and keep a few extra sensors in your bag so you don’t get caught off guard before an important tournament this season. 

In winter months, it is easiest to practice your short game in your living room (and for those that have full indoor setups at their disposal…#jealous). That being said, if you didn’t cover your sensors with tape, or remove your sensors from your clubs and kept them upright and exposed to the light, there is a chance those sensors are going to die faster. This usually happens to putter sensors and wedges, when you practice with them in the living room and leave them upright in the corner. While you can’t test the battery life in your sensors you can check to see if they are alive/dead. 

Pro Tip: Learn how to run Sensor diagnostics

Proactive Planning:

To help our Arccos Members maintain the momentum of improving their scores this season, we have introduced the single sensor bundle packs. These bundle packs are designed to keep in your bag if you think that you might have a few sensors ‘expire’ this season, and don’t want to miss a beat. There are two different bundle options to choose from:

  • Five twist-in regular sensors 
  • 1 twist-in putter sensor and four twist-in regular sensors

Arccos Members receive a 60% discount compared to the non-member price by using their email address tied to their Arccos membership and using the code “MemberBundle”. (Further details are below the product on the web page with instructions on how to claim). 

Another helpful tip in case you have a sensor die: you can unpair that sensor/club and switch it with a less used club. This means you will have to manually enter less shots in your round while you wait for the new sensors to arrive.

If you have sensor issues and are still under your 2 year warranty, you can still utilize the single sensor bundle above to have a few extras in your bag. This will become particularly helpful before peak golf season when waiting times can be slightly delayed.

So while your A.I. Caddie might not be carrying your bag around the course for you, you can still keep it tuned-up by maintaining some best practices for storing your sensors, and keeping a few spares in the bag to ensure your Arccos Caddie is ready for every round this season.