Men's Health says Arccos 360 is 'The Ultimate Golf Gadget'

Leading men's health and lifestyle publication Men's Health recently included Arccos 360 in its list of holiday 'Gifts Your Dad Will Actually Love.'

NOTE: Arccos 360 is now called Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors

The write-up said:

"If he’s a golfer and a gadget head, the Arccos is the ultimate on-course toy. After attaching feather-light sensors to the tops of his club grips, he’ll be able to use his smartphone to see the yardage to the pin, average shot distance for each club, and dozens of other game-improving stats and insights." 

Arccos 360, of course, is our new second-generation enhanced system.

Arccos 360 consists of 14 ultralight sensors that easily attach to the club grip and communicate with a free app for iOS and Android devices. The system seamlessly records every shot a golfer makes, analyzes the data in real time and reveals strengths and weaknesses to enhance on-course decision-making. Unlike competing products, it requires no tagging, tapping or other annoying disruptions to a player’s routine.

Boasting low-profile sensors that are more than 50% smaller and lighter than the original Arccos system, Arccos 360 also showcases a powerful new shot detection algorithm that increases accuracy and virtually eliminates the need for editing. Additional features include:

  • Battery Guarantee – Certified for a minimum of two years without charging
  • Power Saving – Allows users to play rounds in airplane mode, dramatically reducing phone battery drain and eliminating data roaming during international travel
  • GPS 2.0 – Hands-free shot mapping combined with rangefinder distances in yards or meters to any point on more than 40,000 courses

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