Get To Know Your Arccos Driving Stats With Lou Stagner

Rory McIlroy leads the PGA TOUR in Driving Distance at 326.3 yards. That’s a little over 3 football fields, 3 Statue of Liberty’s, or 3 Big Bens to help put it in perspective. While, Russell Henley leads the PGA TOUR in Driving Accuracy Percentage, consistently finding about 71.74% of fairways with his drives.

Now open your Arccos app to assess how your own driving statistics measure up against some of the best in the business, or perhaps more realistically, against your target handicap.

Understanding your personal statistics is crucial for improvement, just as it is for the pros. Identifying areas that need work can help you refine your practice regimen, making your progress more efficient.

Arccos' Data Insight Lead, Lou Stagner, provides valuable insights into the driving data you can gather from your Arccos app. Don't leave your improvement to chance; use your data to make informed decisions and focus your efforts where they matter most.