Breaking Eighty Review: Is Arccos it worth it?

Breaking Eighty Reviews Arccos

Ever googled how to break 80? Then you likely ended up on Sean Ogle’s popular site Sean has amassed a loyal following thanks to his honest product reviews and storytelling to help golfers of all skill levels understand the best tools for them to help them achieve their golf goals. 

We were pretty flattered when we saw his recent unsolicited post about Arccos go live. He gives a very comprehensive review to help anyone who is interested in using Arccos but hasn’t yet committed a more well-rounded picture of using the system.

We thought we’d give you a cheat sheet into the various topics he covered and what you might need to know (from the viewpoint of the average user). 

0:00-0:45 Sean’s testament to Arccos’ value

0:45-1:59 His overview of how Arccos works
Our adjustments to this section would be that Arccos Golf is actually a comprehensive system designed around our mobile app and web dashboard. The sensors actually feed the data to system, but the real “brains” of our system is the app/dashboard. While our system starts with shot tracking, that shot tracking data feeds in thousands of data points from your round into the system to crunch some pretty powerful numbers about your performance. Over time the system gets smarter. So we’d just like to emphasize that while the sensors are the tangible thing that Members can hold, the real ‘meat’ is the app/dashboard. 

1:59-3:39 Smart Grips vs Smart Sensors
This comes down to personal preference, and we have detailed blogs that go over what you need to know to make the decision that best suits you! The only correction we need to make: if a smart grip sensor dies, you don't have to do a full re-grip, its possible to replace the sensor in your existing grip–particularly if it doesn’t need to be re-gripped just yet. 

3:40-4:12 Setting Up Your Arccos Account + Sensors
While it is not hard to set up Arccos, there are some nuances that aren’t addressed here. Some basic things to know: 

  • The sensors are UV light activated so during the setup process, be sure to be in a very well lit environment, preferably outside. 
  • Keep your clubs in your bag and only pull one out at a time (following the prompts) so that your clubs are correctly paired. You don’t want your 7i accidentally paired as your pitching wedge… when the sensors are in the grips at the bottom of your bag they will be asleep–they are ‘turned on’ when you pull them out. 
  • Each sensor emits a unique high frequency sound that is picked up by the microphone. This is how we know which club you are using on the course and when. Sometimes children or people with extremely acute hearing can hear this noise when activated. 

4:13-6:23 How well does it work?
Sean does a good job covering this! Arccos should capture 95% of your shots but there are a few shots that are likely missed:

  • A dead sensor (it happens, just email or purchase a replacement single sensor if you’re outside of the two year warranty)
  • Shots from the same location (caught the lip of a bunker or whiffed the ball… if you're too close to your previous shot it will assume it was a practice shot and you will need to add the shot)
  • Penalty re-hits (easily add the penalty, but because of the same location it needs to be added)
  • Twilight lighting (not enough UV light to activate the sensor)
  • Super soft putts: just make sure you address the ball
  • Gimmes: if you didn't hit the ball we won't know! 

6:24-7:00 Phone In Pocket Setup
Sean nailed this. He also mentions the Arccos Link for those who don't want to play with their phone in their pocket. 

7:01-7:50 Apple Watch
Check out how Arccos works with Apple Watch here

7:51-10:33 Your Own Personal Caddie
Sean does a great job explaining the functionality. Some of the visuals shown in his video are not accessible during play–we try to not overwhelm members with that level of information during a round. BUT what you do see in his video is great if you are preparing for a round, you can deep dive into the scenarios before play begins. That being said, as long as you are not in tournament mode, the rangefinder and the AI Caddie will show you what weather and conditions are accounted for in the recommendations! 

10:50-12:20 Strokes Gained Analytics
Sean also nailed this one. Strokes gained analytics isn’t just for Tour Pros anymore! 

12:21-14:31 Is Arccos right for you? 
Again, a win for Sean. We would also add: if someone is not an active golfer that plays at least 10 rounds a year. An Arccos Membership is really designed for avid golfers looking to improve their performance on the course. If you only go to the driving range, Arccos won’t deliver you much value as it stands today. 

14:32-15:30 What does it cost?
Sean highlights US pricing in his video, but prices are available on all international Arccos sites. As mentioned above, Arccos is a system that is designed around the app and the ‘brains’ of the system. We are constantly improving the features and experience for members, and that requires ongoing investment. Think of your membership fee as an investment into the future of the product and how it will continue to help your game. 

15:32-16:44 Sean’s Favorite Feature
Making memories and capturing them in Arccos! 

Hopefully this review was helpful for you, whether you are giving Arccos as a gift or if you are treating yourself to improving your game. Our goal is to have happy and successful golfers engaged across our communities. If you are looking to get more engaged in the Arccos community, please follow us in our social channels like Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and our community in Facebook. We look forward to playing with you!