Arccos Launches New Referral Program

Arccos Launches Referral Program

Golf being a social sport, it’s easy to talk about what products you like when you’re out on the course with your playing partners. That’s why we are so excited to finally launch the commonly-requested Arccos Referral Program! Whether they are random folks you were paired up with, or your regular foursome–now you can refer them to Arccos and sweeten the deal for both yourself and them. 

What you get: for every person you recruit to Arccos you will receive two additional free months of membership. You can currently refer up to twelve friends which adds up to 2 years of future membership time!

What they get: they get Free Gen3+ sensors when they sign up for an annual membership, with additional sale opportunities for other products. 

As an existing member, you will be able to add free time to extend your membership by referring your golf pals to using Arccos. You will need to navigate to the referral page ( Enter your email address (the one used for your Arccos account) and your golf pal’s email address that you are referring. Your “recruit” will receive an email with directions to sign up for their membership with Arccos. 

Arccos Referral Program

When they get to the referral page they have a special opportunity to get free sensors when they sign up for their annual membership. Instead of paying USD$199 for the Arccos Smart Sensors, they will buy a year’s membership for USD$155.88 and receive the sensors for free, saving them USD$45!

Now you’ll be able to watch your golf buddies play better and improve faster–think of it as an opportunity to nurture them into being your ultimate scramble partners. You’ll be able to talk about strengths/weaknesses and see the numbers behind their game.