Arccos Golfer Data is Helping Shape A Renaissance In The Golf Industry

Arccos Data Shaping Golf Industry

There is a lot of hype around golf data—but what does it really mean for the average golfer? Arccos Players get some seriously awesome stats with the Strokes Gained Analytics feature...but beyond just playing better, how can this data revolutionize the industry as a whole? And does this actually matter for the average golfer? Yes. Yes. And more Yeses.

From the highest undocumented handicaps to the elite player across every tour. On Course player data will drive the industry through a renaissance of sorts. Look at course design and maintenance, equipment, or even how the rules of golf will evolve. But to date, there has only been detailed on course data available to elite players and more specifically, the PGA Tour.

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What happens if you can give average golfers, ‘professional’ level insights into their game performance? A lot. You can check out the 2020 results here. But what happens when you have detailed data on the industry as a whole because your dataset represents tens of thousands of players across all skill levels: the beginning of an industry evolution.

That is why Arccos has its sights set on working with top industry players from OEMs, to coaches, and fitters. With aggregate on course player data, this is changing the industry from the ground up.

MyGolfSpy has a detailed look about how Arccos data is shaping the industry.

MyGolfSpy Arccos

By Rick Young

  • How much data does Arccos really have? (Spoiler alert: a lot)
  • How many players are actually turning to data?
  • How is Strokes Gained Analytics innovating on traditional stats?
  • What Industry leaders are believers in the data evolution in golf?

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