"Arccos Apple Watch App Is Completely Game Changing"

Who knew tracking your on-course data could be so simple! If you’re not already familiar with Arccos, it’s golf’s #1 on-course tracking system. Arccos Smart Sensors are designed to effortlessly twist into your clubs and connect with the Arccos app. From there, all you need to do is play your game, and Arccos will seamlessly track your shots, providing feedback such as club distances, greens in regulation, personalized strokes gained insights, and much more.

For Arccos to properly track your shots though, you have three options to choose from: your smartphone, the Arccos Link, or an Apple Watch. In his latest YouTube video, Breaking Eighty founder, Sean Ogle shares his preferred Arccos tracking method and explains why. Check it out here. 

Option 1: Your Smartphone

As long as you don’t mind carrying your phone in your lead leg pocket. Using your smartphone is a great way to track your shots and have quick access to the app and ALL of Arccos’ features in your pocket.

For those who prefer not to carry their phone in their pocket during the round, Arccos has two alternative options: the Arccos Link or the Apple Watch

Option 2: The Arccos Link

The Link is a compact and lightweight wearable device that clips right onto your belt, pant pocket, or waistband. It allows you to track your shots without the need for your phone. With its built-in microphone and Bluetooth capabilities, the Arccos Link determines your location on the course and transfers captured shots in real time. You can leave your phone stored in your bag or cart until you want to access any of the on-course features, such as the A.I. Rangefinder or Caddie advice. Alternatively, if you prefer to be fully immersed in the moment, you can leave your phone in the bag entirely. Rest assured that the Arccos Link will seamlessly transfer all the data to the app, allowing you to review it, at your convenience, after your round.

Option 3: Arccos for Apple Watch

Say you want to ditch the phone completely but still would like to have access to A.I. Rangefinder and other features. This is where the Apple Watch might be your new best friend when it comes to using Arccos. As Sean Ogle stated in his latest video, “If you pair the Apple Watch with the Arccos shot tracking system, it pretty much blows everything else away.”

Thanks to the latest update to Arccos for Apple Watch, you can now start your round directly from your watch, eliminating the hassle of connecting it to your phone. You can leave your phone in the cart or bag right from the start.

The brilliance of using the Apple Watch for Arccos lies not only in its ability to track your shots phone free but also in the additional benefits it offers. With easy access to the A.I. Rangefinder with club recommendations, the ability to mark the pin for more precise stats, the convenience of viewing your scorecard, and more, directly from the watch, the Apple Watch experience proves to be an exceptional addition to Arccos. To delve deeper into the advantages of using the Apple Watch for Arccos, I recommend checking out Sean Ogle's review.

Experience the power of Arccos, and let it revolutionize the way you track your on-course data.